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#Leaded: Newer Baldwin Brand Door Knob

Baldwin brand doorknob: 11,500 ppm lead. Tested in 2014. Building components (like door knobs) are not regulated AT ALL for total lead content. #SimpleSolution: look for stainless or nickel door knobs (and hardware or hinges.) Avoid buying hardware: with yellow brass finishes with language like “nickel plated brass” or “stainless finish” or where “stainless” or […]

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Green Glass Desk Lamp

Library / desk lamp with green glass: 32,400 ppm lead (in the glass.) Tested with an XRF. Thoughts: Is this going to harm the owner?  Probably not. Can we manufacture lead-free glass for items like this?  Absolutely, yes. Is manufacturing items with high lead content harming the environment and potentially harming factory workers?  Absolutely, yes. Can we strive to have lead-free homes and a lead-free […]

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