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Four Glass Lamp Shades Home Depot Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama Toxicity Concerns In Glass

#AskTamara: Guess Which of These Four White Glass Lamp Shades Has Lead and How Much!

Please take a look at the four white glass lamp shades below and guess which ones have lead and at what levels!  [This is a great “game” to play with your “newly lead-woke” friends!, Answers are posted below the final image.] Click here for more examples of lamps I have tested. Click here for more […]

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Starbucks Coffee Company Collectible City Mugs

Ask Tamara: Do Starbucks Mugs Have High Levels of Lead?

Ask Tamara: Question: “Do Starbucks mugs have high levels of lead in them? What are the safest options for non-toxic coffee mugs?” A. [Simplified Answer!]: YES, many Starbucks Coffee Company branded mugs have high levels of lead in them (as measurable by testing with an XRF instrument). Note: This is not illegal in any way; […]

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Charlies Closet

Charlie’s Closet

While I was away in California with Charlie (my youngest son, who has a mental illness diagnosis), my husband said he needed to repair the door-frame to the closet that Charlie uses as his “safe space.” (Charlie had slammed and kicked the door – hard, splitting the wood in the old door-frame — AND kicked […]

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#AskTamara: Interesting note, melting point of lead…

In response to an inquiry concerning the potential impact of high-temperatures (e.g. those that might be encountered over the lifetime of a typical frying pan) on leaded decorative coatings, brand markings, etc. found on the outside (or bottom) of some cookware, I asked the Internet two questions, the answers to which I found interesting when […]

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#LeadFree Clear Glass Dishware Choices

#AskTamara Question: Tamara are there any modern clear glass dishes that are also lead-free? A: Yes!  While vintage glassware is often positive for lead, and even some new clear glass products can test positive for trace* amounts of lead, there are several brands of clear glass dishware that I have tested that have been consistently […]

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#AskTamara: What laundry detergent do you use to get rid of lead?

Since this comes up all the time I decided it was finally time to write a post about this! The question is: “Tamara, what laundry detergent do you use when you want to get rid of lead?” The Answer: I get the biggest box I can find of Scent Free / Dye Free Arm & Hammer […]

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#AskTamara: Are Pokeman cards lead-safe?

Question: Are Pokemon cards lead-safe? Answer: Hell ya! [#ImAPokemonFan!] We happen to have several thousand Pokemon cards in our home.  Luckily most were given to us, either via “Freecycle” or friends and family passing along their collections, so I haven’t had to buy many of these for my kids. My kids have been nuts about […]

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#SaferChoices: French Press Coffee Makers, #AskTamara

I get this question A LOT! “Tamara, what coffee maker do you use?” A: Mostly we use a French press style coffee maker. However I do want to clarify that I have found lead in several French presses.  Specifically (as with many measuring cups and other glass items with logos or marked writings on the […]

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