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Updated August 14, 2017

Hello All!

To date, participating in XRF testing has primarily helped only with the cost of the testing and costs related to making it possible for me to do the testing.

I am changing the model a little bit in order to make it more predictable for me to test things (and hopefully this will make it so I will be able to test things for more people on a regular basis.).

Testing is done with a Niton XL3T non-radioactive source XRF used specifically to test consumer goods for lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.  I am trained and certified in using this instrument and have worked with this instrument (or one similar) for nearly 10 years.

Linked post to be uploaded soon with the “how/what/where/when” information of participating.

This is XRF testing is done as an advocacy opportunity.  I do not represent, nor am I affiliated with any lab or organization. Results are posted on this blog and on the related Facebook pages so families everywhere can benefit from the information in a public forum.  Results are given to participants informally (links to blog posts, videos, etc.) regarding items sent in for testing. No formal report will be given with results.

Until further notice, any XRF testing will be done in the State of Washington or other state where the XRF rental company is located for the particular rental instrument being used to do the testing at that time.

As always please let me know if you have any questions.


Tamara Rubin

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