A New Book About Lead In Consumer Goods

Updated: December 10, 2017

I’m so excited to share that I will be self-publishing my very first book, thanks to the 72 friends who supported the project for the book on Kickstarter!

The title of the book is “I Make Women Cry & Throw Out Their Shit” and per the Kickstarter project description, the book will be: “A high quality coffee table photo book showing the levels of environmental toxicants in every day things with stunning colorful images.”

The intention of the book itself is that it will serve as a tool for families with lead poisoned children (and others with concerns for the presence of environmental toxicants in their homes and daily life) to start a discussion with friends and family about the issue of environmental toxicity (in general) and childhood lead poisoning (specifically). By creating something that is colorful and beautiful, with a touch of humor – yet featuring images of nostalgic objects , the book will be an easy conversation starter. All toxicant levels reported in the book will be in the form of XRF readings done by an operator trained and certified in using the instrument. The book will probably also be a lot of fun for kids to share with their science classes! (For those concerned about profanity, I’m offering two versions of the book – the original title, and one without the “offending word” spelled out on the cover!)

Via Kickstarter, $2,991 was raised from 72 friends. If I can reach a “stretch goal” of pre-selling enough books to raise $5,000 I will get one extra book printed for each book that is pre-ordered and those additional books will each be gifted to a low-income family with lead poisoned children.

Now that the Kickstarter project has ended, you can pre-purchase your copy directly here (below.)

With all that has been going on with my legal challenges since this summer, I am not quite done with procuring and photographing (and testing) all of the items for the book; however, I have already collected, tested and photographed more than half of the items, and continue to work on the project as time permits. I am working to have at least a preliminary draft layout finished by January 1st, and will keep everyone who pre-purchases a book updated about my progress.

Here are the stats on the Kickstarter rewards that were pre-ordered:

  • Paper Back Pocket Version of the Book: 4
  • Hard Cover Book – Regular Cover: 32
  • Hard Cover Book – Censored Cover: 13
  • Hard Cover Book – with “Special Thanks” listing: 10
  • Two Books + a T-shirt: 6
  • Personal Tribute Note On A Page (plus 2 books + T-shirt!): 1
  • Postcard collection featuring 10 different full color images from the book in postcard format: 2

Total Books Pre-Ordered Through Kickstarter: 73
Total books Pre-Ordered since the close of the Kicstarter project: 7

[Please note that the images featured in the promotional photos of the prototype book here, on Facebook and for the Kickstarter projects are sample images similar to some of the countless items I have tested — not the final images that will be used in the book.]

To pre-purchase your own copy of the book directly click on either one of the choices below.
Prices below include shipping in the United States.

Hard Cover: $28

Censored Hard Cover: $30

Paper Back Abridged Pocket Version: $18


Post Card Collection: $12

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