cocoaIt’s kind of funny being a bit of a public figure! Not only do people want to know what dishes I use in my home, but they also want to know what I feed my family.

This is sort of a new phenomenon for me, but I get it. I am pretty vigilant about what I feed my children and I do have more than 20 years experience as a mom!

Not only do my kids have dietary restrictions….

  • my oldest son is vegan and doesn’t eat any refined sugar;
  • my second is “mostly vegan” (generally avoids dairy and other animal products);
  • my third is “vegetarian”, plus does not drink cow’s-milk, and also avoids anything with more than 2 or 3 ingredients!;
  • my fourth eats everything—with a distinct preference for meat & dairy!

…and allergies [we avoid food coloring at all costs – because of several incidents where kiddos were rushed to the ER for severe (potentially life-threatening) cases of hives – determined to be an allergic reaction to eating foods containing the  coal-tar-derived food colorings], we have a general concern for health and well-being that is heightened since they all tested positive for lead (we eat all organic whenever possible and always avoid hydrogenated oils – among other things.)

Needless to say, feeding my krewe can be a bit challenging at times.

As a result of all of the above, I have made conscious choices about what goes in to my children’s bodies … and I rarely cave. Those choices have also taken a lot of research – but 20+ years into this thing called parenting I have my “go-to” groceries (and recipes) that I know and trust.

I’m just starting to post these, but here’s my hot-cocoa recipe to begin!


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