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Holiday Time Walmart MultiFunction Mini Lights 150 Lead Safe Mama 1

Walmart Holiday Time plug-in Christmas lights with green wire: Lead-free!

This newly-purchased (2018) set of Walmart brand “Holiday Time” 16 Function Multicolor Mini Lights (pictured above – with 150 lights and a green wire strand) was tested with an XRF instrument. It was not disassembled for testing, only accessible parts that one would normally touch when using them (installing them or operating them) were tested. […]

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Walmart Decorative Christmas Lights 2018 Lead Safe Mama 3

Please click and read for more info! Walmart Holiday Time LED Christmas Lights With Green Wire: Lead Free!!! #Yay!

This newly purchased (2018) set of Walmart brand “Holiday Time” 8-Function battery-operated LED multicolor mini lights (pictured above) was tested with an XRF instrument. It was not disassembled for testing, only accessible parts that one would normally touch when using them (installing them or operating them) were tested. To learn more about XRF testing, Click […]

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Expert Gardener Light Duty Garden Hose Walmart Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin

#Leaded: Expert Gardener Light Duty Garden Hose New On Shelf (2017) In Walmart, Made In USA

This “Expert Gardener” “Light Duty” garden hose was tested new on the shelf in Walmart in 2017. Only the plastic part of the hose was tested and it was positive for lead (Pb) at 52 parts per million. 52 ppm lead is a relatively low level of lead, but I would still have concerns for […]

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Walmart Jelly Shoes Do Not Have Lead Shareable Graphic Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Sharable Graphic For Walmart Jelly Shoes

#AsKTamara: Do Walmart jelly shoes for toddlers have lead? Are jelly shoes sold at Walmart responsible for my child’s lead poisoning? For folks who want a graphic to easily share about the concern for lead with Walmart Jelly shoes for toddlers (a graphic you can share on Facebook or Twitter) we created this info-graphic. You […]

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2017 Leaded Hose Nozzel Walmart

#Leaded: Hose Nozzle From Walmart (2017)

Hose nozzle: 39,500 ppm lead. New on the shelf at Walmart in August of 2017 Tested with an XRF instrument. All yellow brass hose and gardening components I have tested have been very high lead like this one (and many also have contaminants like mercury and arsenic.) To see more of my posts related to gardening, […]

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#LeadFree: Clear Glass Dish from Walmart

Newer clear glass plate (tested in 2014), purchased at Walmart. #LeadFREE! Non-detect for lead when tested with an XRF instrument. (Lemon included for size!) Here are some Amazon links* to similar lead-free clear-glass choices on Amazon: 1) 2) 3) Would you like to see more test results like this? Please help me […]

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Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.51.46 AM

Lead in Fishing Gear Sold at Walmart (Video)

This is a little video (just 4 minutes, 48 seconds long) about lead in fishing gear. If you are interested in supporting my independent consumer goods advocacy work please consider contributing via GoFundMe here, or Chip In via PayPal here. Thank you! As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Tamara […]

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Do Walmart Jelly Shoes Have Lead

#AskTamara: Q. “Do Walmart jelly shoes have Lead (Pb)?” Answer: “No.” Click to watch video of me testing them!

Scroll down for video. In response to concern of parents around the country about the potential for lead (Pb) contamination in “Jelly Shoes” sold by Walmart, I decided to take a trip to Walmart with my friend Carissa from Creative Green Living and to bring with us an X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer (also called an XRF […]

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25 hours

Viral Again! Walmart Jelly Shoes (Video)

Carissa and I posted this video (embedded video is at the bottom of the page) on Facebook yesterday evening at 5:27 p.m. Just over 25 hours later, at 6:37 p.m. tonight, the video had 22,000+ views and the post had reached 73,494 people!  Just 19 minutes later I checked back and the views were at 23,000+ […]

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Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.56.35 PM

#GuerrillaXRFTesting @ Walmart!, Clear Glasses (video)

More #GuerrillaXRFTesting videos featuring Tamara and Carissa! Please watch and share and let us know if you have any questions! For more lead-free kitchen choices, click here! To support our work so we can make more of these videos, please consider donating to my GoFundMe! Thank you! Clear Drinking Glasses from Tamara Rubin on Vimeo.

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