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Fisher Price Little People Sesame Street Maria

#LeadSafe: Vintage (1970s?) Sesame Street Fisher Price Little People Doll – Maria?

Vintage Fisher Price Sesame Street Lady… (not sure if this is supposed to be Maria or not!) Hair: 28 +/- 6 ppm lead. This amount of lead is considered safe by all standards. All other components: Non-detect for Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic & Mercury. Please check out the other Sesame Street things I have tested here! […]

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Vintage Fisher Price Motor Boat Toy Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#Leaded: Vintage Fisher Price Motor Boat Toy (c. 1970?)

Vintage Fisher Price Motor Boat Toy. Tested with an XRF instrument: Green Plastic  Arsenic (As): 113 +/- 23 ppm Yellow Plastic  Cadmium (Cd): 1992 +/- 41 ppm White Plastic Lead (Pb): 148 +/- 11 ppm Most plastic vintage Fisher Price toys are positive for some level of lead, cadmium or arsenic.  There is no place […]

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#Arsenic: Vintage Popeye & Olive Oyl Baby Rattle

When I tested this vintage plastic Popeye and Olive Oyl rattle I was CERTAIN it would be positive for high levels of lead, but I was wrong! No lead at all, not a trace in any component. Unfortunately it does not have a year of manufacture or maker’s mark on it, but based on other […]

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#Leaded & #Cadmium, Vintage 1970 Malibu Francie

I picked up this Malibu Francie doll at a vintage toy store. She was naked so I decided to buy her some modern clothes (#ThankYouWalmart!) [The lasted time I posted pics of a naked vintage Barbie and her lead levels I got a lot of complaints from some of my more conservative followers on social […]

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#LeadFree: 1958 Baby New Year Kewpie Celluloid Doll “Irwin” #Cadmium

This little doll tested positive for cadmium (Cd) 164 +/- 17 ppm. 40 ppm cadmium is considered toxic by modern standards for a child’s toy. I was really surprised to find this was not positive for lead! Here’s a link to a modern likely #LeadFree version of a similar doll on Amazon! Here are more […]

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#LeadFree: Vintage Plastic Disney Snow White Mug

This vintage plastic cup from Disney – with a picture of Snow White on it – is negative for lead both in the plastic and in the paint for the design.  The plain (unpainted) part of the cup tested was also negative for lead.  The cup was negative for mercury, arsenic and cadmium too! Here’s […]

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#Leaded: Vintage “Grumpy” Plastic Disney Mug

This vintage plastic cup from Disney – with a picture of Grumpy the dwarf on it – is positive for lead both in the plastic and in the paint for the Grumpy design.  The plain part of the cup tested positive at 387 +/- 22 ppm lead. The painted design tested positive at 449 +/- […]

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#LeadFree: 1973 Vintage Fisher Price Circus Train

Vintage 1973 Plastic Fisher Price Circus Train. Tested with an XRF instrument. All components were non-detect for lead (Pb), arsenic (As) and mercury (Hg.). The white plastic component of this toy is positive for cadmium at 43 +/- 10 ppm.  Here’s more info about cadmium. Here is a modern version of a similar toy on […]

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#Leaded: Vintage Fisher Price Merry_Go_Round Toy

This vintage plastic Fisher Price playground merry-go-round toy tested positive for lead and arsenic. The green plastic was 2,035 +/- 54 ppm lead and 139 +/- 36 ppm Arsenic. The yellow plastic was  positive for 4,897 +/- 104 ppm lead and 391 +/- 58 ppm arsenic. Click here to see readings for each of the little […]

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#LeadFree: Vintage 1969 Fisher Price Mini Bus

This little 1969 Vintage Fisher Price “Mini Bus” was non-detect (negative) for lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), arsenic (As) and cadmium (Cd).  The little people were positive for these elements however.  Click here to read the post and see readings for each of the little people! Tested with an XRF instrument.  All components tested. Here is […]

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