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School Notice February 8 2019 Vaccine

“Measles Epidemic 2019”: A perspective from the front lines, by a Portland, Oregon mother of unvaccinated children.

Hello! To start let’s clarify what this post  is not about: This is not an anti-vax post. This is not a pro-vax post. This is not a post about vaccines. This is not a post about the measles. “What is it then?” – you ask. This is a post about misinformation and the news media […]

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Portland Tribune Article Today: Vaccine Choice

This article (linked below) was written by a friend of mine about a family we took into our home for several months last year (after their baby was illegally taken from them in the hospital.) This.Is.Personal. & children are NOT being protected by these illegal, yet (ostensibly) government sanctioned actions. Said another way; children are […]

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My Take On The “V” Word.

Written 2/6/2015 Made Public 3/6/2015 Friends who know me well would expect this post to be about vaginas. Really.  I’m not afraid of “V” words.  My first ever big public advocacy event for childhood lead poisoning prevention was at the “Vagina Monologues” 10th anniversary celebration at the SuperDome in New Orleans. However this post is […]

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