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#AskTamara: Q. Could A Vintage Leaded Brass Mouthpiece Cause Kidney Failure In A Trumpet Player? A. Maybe

#AskTamara Question: Could a vintage leaded brass mouthpiece cause (or contribute to) kidney failure in a professional trumpet player? Answer: Maybe. The vintage (c. 1980s or earlier) trumpet mouthpiece shown here tested positive for a relatively high level of lead for leaded brass (22,200 ppm lead.) It is a bare leaded brass mouthpiece that is […]

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#LeadedTrumpetMouthpieces: A response to a band leader…

Band leaders across the country are understandably upset about my findings of lead in trumpet mouthpieces. The easy response for some is to not believe my findings and to try to discredit them (at least in their own minds) so that they feel that they do not need to alert their band members, nor take any […]

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#AskTamara: Q. Does my child’s trumpet mouthpiece have unsafe levels of lead? A. “Yes, most do.”

#AskTamara – Question: Does my child’s trumpet mouthpiece contain unsafe levels of lead? – Answer: In most cases, yes. – Please read on for more information.   Leaded Trumpet Mouthpieces.   Only one of the mouthpieces pictured below has no lead. – Trumpet mouthpieces (and mouthpieces on any brass instruments for that matter) are not regulated […]

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