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Top Ten Posts of 2018

Lead Safe Mama’s #TopTen Posts of 2018!

The TEN most popular #LeadSafeMama posts of 2018: NUMBER TEN: NUMBER NINE: NUMBER EIGHT: SEVEN: SIX: FIVE: FOUR: THREE: TWO: And the most popular #LeadSafeMama post of 2018 with 28,520 views is…  

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Charlie & Colescott, 2009

My “Top 11” #AdvocacyGoalsRevised

I am really enjoying reading all of the other / alternate memes of 10 that have come up…(based on the “10-concerts” game floating around Facebook right now)… – Here’s my version: – Top 10+ #LeadPoisoningPrevention Advocacy Goals/ Dreams: – 1. Change the national legislation so ALL SCHOOLS for ANY CHILD or ADULT ANY AGE (including colleges and graduate […]

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