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Mug Shot Tamara Rubin

Case Dismissed!!! Now to begin seeking justice.

In November of 2017 I was illegally arrested on 9 counts of alleged felony theft for “welfare fraud.” I have been actively dealing with this persecution (a seemingly intentionally-orchestrated attempt to smear me and thereby shut down my advocacy work) for more than two years now; starting with the DOJ Inquiry initiated in March of […]

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A School For Avi

I thought I finally found a school for Avi—really I did. While we are technically “Home Schooling” him, it is among the most difficult things I have ever done (mostly because of the “negotiations” with him that are increasingly required to get him into the frame of mind in which he is ready to learn […]

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The Cost of Advocacy

Those of you who know me know that I founded the Lead Safe America Foundation with a 3-part mission: Emergency intervention and support to families whose children have been poisoned, Outreach and Education for the Primary Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning, and Parent Advocate Support. Parent Advocate Support is possibly the most important of the […]

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Retired Military Environmental Activist

(image from wikipedia) “Retired Military Environmental Activist” Wow—that sounded like an oxymoron to me;  this seemed unlikely…or at least unusual! Earlier this week I had the most amazing, far-ranging conversation with a retired military environmental activist (I guess technically he may not even be completely retired—as he told me that he was just called back […]

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Adding Injury to Insult

My 8-year old son broke his arm recently. I know most parents of boys utter similar words at some time during their tenure as a parent; it’s practically inevitable… or at least it seems inevitable if you have a boy—especially if you have more than one boy! Each of my boys has had some incident […]

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