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Lead Safe Mama Tshirt Large Katie Tamara Rubin

Join the sisterhood – be among the *very first* to get one of our new #LeadSafeMama T-shirts!

Hi all! My friend Nicole has an Etsy store, and (with a little design partnership from my friend Janelle) Nicole is creating these custom-made #LeadSafeMama t-shirts for you! Click this link to get yours today! With the #LeadSafeMama hashtag you are NOT advertising any company or product, but rather declaring to the world that YOU […]

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#GuerrillaXRFTesting @ Target! Vinyl T-Shirt Designs

Please check out this little video below that Carissa (from Creative Green Living) and I made, testing children’s t-shirts hot of the display shelf at Target! If you appreciate what I do & would like to support my advocacy work (including the XRF testing I do of consumer goods) please consider clicking through to Amazon from one of my […]

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