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Green Light Blue Supplment Bottle Lead Safe Mama 4

Blue Glass 4 oz Bottle for Physica Green Light Supplement: Positive for trace Cadmium (15 ppm) and Antimony (25 ppm).

When tested with an XRF instrument the glass bottle pictured here had the following readings. Reading One: Side of Blue Glass Bottle (tested on a section without the label). Three Minute Reading. Barium (Ba): 2,531 +/- 147 ppm Chromium (Cr): 682 +/- 74 ppm Tin (Sn): 39 +/- 22 ppm Copper (Cu): 38 +/- 12 ppm […]

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Immunattack Brown Supplment Bottle Lead Safe Mama 2

Brown One Ounce Glass Bottle From “Immunattack” Supplement by Herb Pharm: Lead Free & Cadmium Free

Many colored glass bottles that I have tested have been positive for trace levels of Lead and Cadmium. As a result, my readers have started sending me their supplement bottles to test using XRF technology. This particular bottle (pictured here on this post) was negative for Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Arsenic. For glass bottles that […]

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