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Soil Sample Four Lead Safe Mama Missouri

State of Missouri – Soil Samples, Child’s School Project: High of 341 ppm Lead

These are soil samples sent to me by a 9 year old boy for his school report. He decided he wanted to test soil near him (specifically around his school) for Lead for a science project.  For context (for a better understanding of what the Lead levels mean) please read this post. Click here to […]

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Calabasas California Soil Sample Testing Lead Safe Mama 3

Hello All! Here are some soil test results (using an XRF instrument) of soil samples sent from the area of Topanga / Calabasas, CA.

Note: IF you are sending me soil samples to test, please follow the instructions on the link below very carefully and please send no more than one teaspoon to one tablespoon of soil per sample. When larger amounts of soil are sent, especially when surface soil is intermingled with soil under the surface, the readings are […]

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Soil Samples Southern California Lead Safe Mama 2

Someone sent me some soil to test, and I thought I would share the results here with all of you!

Although most of the items sent in by folks for me to test are household consumer goods, I often get soil samples to test for families with concerns about toxicants in their yard (or garden, or play area.) I don’t usually report those results here on my blog – but since I need to get […]

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Study: Remediating Soil Lead with Fish Bones, January 2012

“Fish bones are made of the phosphate mineral apatite, which readily combines with lead to form pyromorphite, a stable crystalline mineral that can’t be absorbed by the human digestive system.1,2 Now researchers are using fish bones and other phosphate-rich amendments to remediate lead in urban soils. “We have seen reduction in bioaccessibility in some lab […]

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Soil Testing Using an XRF: Do you want to send Tamara some of your soil to have it tested for Lead?

Every now and then I get soil samples to test, as part of an XRF Testing outreach event — in which I rent a state-of-the art X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (I am a trained, certified and experienced operator of these amazingly useful instruments), and folks wanting to test their stuff (vintage and modern dishes, kids toys, family heirlooms, etc.) chip in to […]

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My back yard… #LeadFreeLiving

Re-sharing an older post! I took this picture of our back yard and realized that every element in the photos had a “Lead story”  – so I thought it might be fun to annotate it and share it with you all, in case it could help you come up with some new ideas for making your own home lead-safe! Click […]

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