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Chrissy Tiegen Cravings Green Silicone Mixing Spoon 1 Lead Safe Mama

Cravings By Chrissy Teigen Wood & Green Silicone Spoon From Target: Lead-Free!

I recently tested some pieces from Pioneer Woman and found lead in them. As a result of that testing I did a little digging into what company makes the products for Pioneer Woman and that led me to In digging around Gibson USA’s website I learned that they also manufacture products for Chrissy Teigen’s […]

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Sur La Table Silicone Spoon 1

#LeadFree: Sur La Table Silicone Spoon With Stainless Handle

This Sur La Table mixing spoon / baking utensil has a stainless steel handle and black silicone spoon end. All components were negative for lead, mercury and arsenic when tested with an XRF instrument. The black silicone of the spoon was positive for a very low level of cadmium (10 +/- 6 parts per million). […]

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