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KitchenAid Red Silicone Spatula with Bamboo Handle 2019 Lead Safe Mama 1

Kitchenaid 2019 Red Silicone & Bamboo Spatula Set: 11 +/- 4 ppm Lead! [Safe by all standards, but…]

In response to testing an older (c. 2010) yellow version of this exact same product (and finding high levels of lead in that product – see it on this link) I decided to follow up and purchase and test a new (2019) version of the product in red. (The yellow appears to no longer be […]

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c. 2010 KitchenAid Yellow Rubber Spatula Lead Safe Mama 1

What were you thinking, Kitchenaid?! (c. 2010) Yellow Silicone Spatula: 970 +/- 29 ppm Lead! [90 is unsafe in kids’ items.]

Here’s the story behind this particular spatula (which is now in my “Museum of Lead” collection!): Sometime over the last couple of years I visited my friend “K,” and tested her family’s everyday household things for Lead and other toxicants (that’s a big part of what I do to help families who have concerns about […]

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Chrissy Tiegen Cravings Green Silicone Mixing Spoon 1 Lead Safe Mama

Cravings By Chrissy Teigen Wood & Green Silicone Spoon From Target: Lead-Free!

I recently tested some pieces from Pioneer Woman and found lead in them. As a result of that testing I did a little digging into what company makes the products for Pioneer Woman and that led me to In digging around Gibson USA’s website I learned that they also manufacture products for Chrissy Teigen’s […]

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