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PB Classic Pottery Barn White Ceramic Mug Lead Safe Mama 2

Plain White Ceramic Pottery Barn PB Classic Mug: 2,528 ppm Lead on the Logo.

Plain White Ceramic Pottery Barn Mug. The logo on the bottom of this Pottery Barn PB Classic ceramic mug is positive for a fairly high level of lead. If you want a guideline on determining if your mug’s logo is leaded I have found the following rule to consistently be true (probably about 99% of […]

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Pottery Barn White Ceramic Plate, Made In Portugal: 363 ppm Lead

White Pottery Barn Plate; hand crafted in Portugal. When tested with an XRF instrument this plate came in as high as 363 ppm Lead. There is a myth out there in the lead poisoning prevention community that WHITE ceramics are less likely to have lead.  This is just not true.   I have tested hundreds […]

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Pottery Barn Dishes, “Spiral” Pattern

Pottery Barn Spiral Pattern Dishes.  Tested with an XRF. 69 to 142 ppm lead. This is considered within safe-range by most standards. Tested c. 2014. Newer dishes. To see the #LeadFree dishes I use in my home, click here. For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here. To make a contribution in support of my […]

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October 2015 Recall of Pottery Barn Kids Water Bottles

This is one of the reasons (just one of them) that “Pottery Barn” is on my #ShitList.  They have had too many issues for me to trust them as a company, or for me to recommend any portion of their product lines as being even lead-safe. Sort of poetic that their initials are PB! While […]

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Pottery Barn Green “Swirl” Ceramic Bowl

Pottery Barn Brand. Swirl pattern (different than “Spiral” which we also have pics of!) 5,215 ppm lead. Tested in 2014. This is a fairly recently made product, although I don’t have a year of manufacture. To see the #LeadFree dishes I use in my home, click here. For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here. To make a […]

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