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Dollar tree Blue and Yellow Floral Design Bowl Lead Safe Mama 2

99 Cent Only Store c. 1999 Blue & White Floral Pattern Ceramic Bowl (No Maker’s Mark): 70,200 +/- 2,400 ppm Lead

There is no mark or maker noted on this bowl.  The owner told me she purchased at a 99 Cent Only Store (in Los Angeles) store about 20 years ago (which would be late-1990s / c. 1999). When tested with an XRF instrument it had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 70,200 +/- 2,400 ppm Barium […]

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Lead Free Crate n Barrel White Past Bowl Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

Lead Free: Large White Ceramic Crate & Barrel Martin Hunt Bistro Bowl

 Large White Ceramic Crate & Barrel Martin Hunt Design Bistro Bowl / Pasta Bowl. This piece is a GREAT example of how newly produced / newly manufactured/ newly sold items DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANY LEAD! Even the unglazed white ceramic edge (the circle around the logo on the base pictured above) was non-detect […]

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