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Made in Taiwan Gray Metal Garlic Press Lead Safe Mama 1

Bare Metal Garlic Press: 2,685 ppm Lead and 33 ppm Cadmium. Is it a problem that my garlic press is positive for lead?

Q. Is it a problem that my garlic press is positive for Lead?  A. Why YES — in my opinion it is a BIG problem for a garlic press like this to test positive for Lead. Here’s why: Its intrinsic function (a tool for mechanically forcing garlic under leveraged pressure through the tiny extrusion holes in […]

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Vintage Miniature Tea Set, Made in Taiwan: 14,200 ppm Lead + Cadmium too!

Miniature Vintage Ceramic Tea Set. Made in Taiwan. Platter: 66 +/- 20 ppm Lead (Pb). Coffee Pot: 777 +/- 53 ppm Lead (Pb) & 18 +/- 8 ppm Cadmium (Cd). Tiny Creamer: 14,200 +/- 500 ppm Lead (Pb) & 42 +/- 11 ppm Cadmium (Cd). Tiny Teacup: 3,280 +/- 124 ppm Lead (Pb). Tested with […]

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Voltron, c. 1980s

Transformer-style Voltron toy, made in Taiwan. Tested positive for lead with an XRF with levels as high as 108,800 ppm lead! #YIKES! Peeling chipping paint and everything! The current federal standard for what is considered a lead hazard in an item intended for children is anything 90 ppm lead or higher (in the paint or […]

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