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Vintage Niagara Hand Unit Personal Massager c 1940 Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama Sex Toy 1

#AskTamara: Q. Is there lead in my vintage sex toys? Answer. Maybe. This one has 8,109 ppm Lead + Cadmium – 18 ppm

#AskTamara Question: Is there lead in my sex toys? [I get this question ALL THE TIME! LOL!] Answer: As with most things (when it comes to lead) the most important factor in determining if your sex-toys might have lead (or other heavy metals or toxicants) is when they were manufactured! [When as in “which century” or […]

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Vintage Corelle Corning Butterfly Pattern Bowl Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama_3

Vintage Corelle By Corning Butterfly Pattern Glass Bowls: 23,300 ppm Lead [90 ppm is unsafe for kids.]

Everybody’s grandmothers seems to have had these! These butterfly pattern vintage “Corelle by Corning” (Made in New York) bowls tested positive for Lead at 23,300 ppm when tested with an XRF instrument (this is the reading of a test done directly on the decorative pattern elements on the outside of the bowl). To learn more […]

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#Leaded: “Vintage”? 1980s? Corning Mug With Floral Pattern

While I don’t know the exact year of manufacture for this Corning mug with a floral pattern on the side, there is an “81” on the bottom and it has a color scheme that is also consistent with things like this from the early 1980s.  The decorative element on this Corning mug tests positive for […]

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