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#LeadFree: Stainless Steel Pan, Brand Unknown

Stainless steel pan. Brand unknown. Non-Detect (ND/ Negative) for lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. All components tested with an XRF instrument. For those who are interested in stainless steel, this is SS #304 in all components that are metal.  The make up of this SS #304 is 186,400 ppm chromium (Cr), 96,200 ppm nickel (Ni) […]

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#LeadedKitchen: Emile Henry Loaf Pan

Emile Henry; Made In France: 260 ppm lead. This has likely been leach tested and passed with flying colors. Leach testing is a different methodology for determining lead content than XRF testing. Click links below for more information about testing. Tested with an XRF —- #XRFTesting #LeadedDishes • #LeadSafeDishes For more safer choices in kitchenware […]

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Ikea Child’s Teacup in Blue,Non-Detect (Negative) for Lead.

IKEA blue glazed china toy teacup for use by children. Lead-free [Non-detect for lead.] Penny included to show size. —— The current amount of lead that is considered toxic in an item intended for children is anything 90 ppm Lead (or higher) in the glaze, paint or coating.   In general I consider anything from […]

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Newer (c. 2014) Yellow Fiestaware Plate: Lead-free, Cadmium-free & Arsenic-free!

Fiestaware yellow plate – newish (as of 2014). When tested with an XRF instrument the dish pictured here had the following readings: Lead (Pb): Non-Detect / Negative Arsenic (As): Non-Detect / Negative Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect / Negative Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect / Negative Some colors of the new Fiestaware have tested positive for trace-Cadmium or trace-Lead. […]

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Modern Fiestaware Dark Blue Bowl: 50 ppm Arsenic (but Lead Free)

When tested with an XRF instrument this modern Fiestaware dark blue bowl had the following readings: non-detect (negative) for Lead, non-detect (negative) for Mercury, non-detect (negative) for Cadmium, This dish tested positive for Arsenic at 50 ppm. While I am NOT an expert in Arsenic toxicity and I would imagine it is best not to […]

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#LeadFreeDishes: Newer Fiestaware Mug and Saucer

Newer Fiestaware Coffee Cup & Saucers: NO LEAD. However positive for approximately 130 ppm Cadmium. Cadmium is most often found in ceramics that are painted with reds, yellows or oranges, or other colors that may have those colors as part of the formula. • • • Please read about my concerns for cadmium here. Tested […]

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Modern White Fiestaware Tea Cup: 40 ppm Lead when tested with an XRF instrument (safe by all standards).

When this newer modern white Fiestaware tea cup (purchased c. October 2014) was tested with an XRF instrument it had the following reading: Lead (Pb): 40 +/- 14 ppm The amount of lead considered unsafe in items intended for children is 90 ppm lead or higher in the paint or coating or 100 ppm or higher […]

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#LeadSafeDishes: Newer White Fiestaware

“Lead Free” Fiestaware small white ceramic plate: 33 ppm lead. Almost lead-free / but not quite! The company probably did leach testing and it did not leach any lead. I would feel safe eating off of these plates if I visited your home, but would not choose to own them personally. Tested with an XRF […]

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#LeadSafeDishes; Target Home White Plate

Target Home White Ceramic Plate – 74 ppm lead (within “safe” range.) Tested with an XRF The amount of lead considered unsafe in items intended for children is 90 ppm lead or higher. (So this plate WOULD be considered lead-safe by all available standards, even though technically there is not a a standard for total […]

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