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Vintage Red Pyrex Milk Glass Fridge Container with Lid Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#SuperLeaded: Vintage Pyrex Food Storage Container with Lid

This vintage Pyrex food storage container (which I bought on eBay for my book and my #MuseumOfLead collection) was positive for lead at some of the highest levels I have ever found. It’s super interesting to note how the red is fairly solid with few blemishes and little wear, much like it would have been […]

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#LeadedSippyCups: My original letter to the GreenSprouts Cup manufacturer.

Newly manufactured sippy cup: 3003 ppm lead. Click the image of the letter below to see a full size PDF of my original letter reporting these results to the manufacturer. If you appreciate my advocacy work (including the testing I do for parents around the world) please consider contributing to my “GoFundMe” during this very […]

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#LeadedDishes: Vintage Arcoroc Clear Glass

Vintage Arcoroc Clear Glass Plate (year unknown) • 256 ppm lead • Made in France. Tested with an XRF Here are some links to clear glass choices* for dishes that are likely to be #LeadFree. All of the modern versions of clear glass plates from the following brands that I have tested have been lead-free […]

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