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Rustoleum Lead Paint Recall 2018

#Recall: Lead Paint Recall, August 30, 2018 – Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating in Black Satin

  Below is the text from Rust-Oleum’s website regarding the recall: Recall Date: August 30, 2018 Recall Number: 18-DFC Rust-Oleum Recalls Countertop Coating Due to Violation of Federal Lead Paint Ban Recall Summary Name of Product: Rust-Oleum black satin countertop coating Hazard: The countertop coating contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead paint […]

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Garry's Meadow Fresh Milk - Oregon Milk Bottles painted with lead paint Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Email today to Lady Lane Farm, Garry’s Meadow Fresh Milk – Oregon

Saturday, June 16, 2018 – To: – From: – Subject: Your bottles are painted with lead paint – I recently discovered that the red paint on your reusable glass milk bottles is lead paint. It is more than 20,000 ppm lead. – There is no regulation on this at all, so – to […]

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#Leaded: 1980s El Camino Car

1980s El Camino car, auto paint tested positive for approximately 9,000 ppm lead when tested with an XRF Instrument. The amount of lead that is considered toxic in “an item intended for children” is anything 90 ppm lead or higher. Automobiles are not considered “items intended for children” and are therefore not regulated for total […]

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#Leaded: Antique Wood Picture Frame

Antique (recycled wood?) painting / picture frame – 71,700 ppm lead!!!! Here’s a link to a better (#LeadFree/ #LeadSafe) choice on Amazon*! Thanks to Savannah Hegstad for donating and supporting this post! For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here. To make a contribution in support of my independent consumer goods testing and lead poisoning prevention […]

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How Important Is Lead Poisoning to Becoming a Legendary Artist?

This article originally appeared in “The Atlantic” in November of 2013. “In 1713, Italian physician Bernardinus Ramazzini described in his De Morbis Artificum Diatriba a mysterious set of symptoms he was noticing among artists: ‘Of the many painters I have known, almost all I found unhealthy … If we search for the cause of the […]

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Amazon is selling lead paint, let’s complain!

In searching for leaded items on Amazon yesterday (things being intentionally sold and marketed as containing lead) I learned Amazon is selling lead paint (leaded artists paints, specifically!)  Please click through on this links (just click the images below) to these two products and help me change Amazon’s policies by submitting a review (that the […]

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Home Depot? + The story of when (in 2007) I replaced the original Lead-painted windows in my historic (1905) home.

Originally published on September 2, 2017 Historically, I have had “warm and fuzzy” feelings towards Home Depot in general. Over the years, in addition to shopping there for materials, shop tools and some home appliances, we have also used their Home Improvement Services for several projects. [Plus who doesn’t like credit with no interest for […]

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