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KitchenAid Red Silicone Spatula with Bamboo Handle 2019 Lead Safe Mama 1

Kitchenaid 2019 Red Silicone & Bamboo Spatula Set: 11 +/- 4 ppm Lead! [Safe by all standards, but…]

In response to testing an older (c. 2010) yellow version of this exact same product (and finding high levels of lead in that product – see it on this link) I decided to follow up and purchase and test a new (2019) version of the product in red. (The yellow appears to no longer be […]

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c. 2010 KitchenAid Yellow Rubber Spatula Lead Safe Mama 1

What were you thinking, Kitchenaid?! (c. 2010) Yellow Silicone Spatula: 970 +/- 29 ppm Lead! [90 is unsafe in kids’ items.]

Here’s the story behind this particular spatula (which is now in my “Museum of Lead” collection!): Sometime over the last couple of years I visited my friend “K,” and tested her family’s everyday household things for Lead and other toxicants (that’s a big part of what I do to help families who have concerns about […]

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My Personal KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAide Mixer Blade & Dough Hook: Between 600 – 800 ppm lead!!! This is MY KitchenAid – from my wedding to my ex-husband in 1994. I had tested the blue part before and it was negative and before testing the blades from my friends’ mixers it NEVER occurred to ME to test my own blades (doh!) – […]

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2006 KitchenAid Mixer Burnished Metal Paddle Attachment Lead Safe Mama 2006

KitchenAid Brand Paddle Attachment for Upright Counter-Top Stand Mixer, purchased new c. 2006: 644 ppm Lead

  When tested with an XRF instrument this KitchenAid stand mixer paddle attachment  (purchased new, circa 2006) was positive for 644 ppm Lead. It is important to note that this is NOT the new (2018) stainless steel paddle, this is the “burnished” finish version of the paddle. I have not yet tested the new stainless […]

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KitchenAid Mixer Attachments, c. 2014: as high as 2,434 ppm Lead [90 ppm is unsafe in items intended for use by kids.]

When tested with an XRF instrument almost all of the KitchenAid brand mixer attachments (of the many that I have tested to date) have been positive for Lead*. This is true of the ones with the white coating and of the ones with the shiny or dull gray finish. This also includes the top-knobs on the […]

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