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National Center For Healthy Housing Fact Sheets 2018 Region 1 EPA

National Center For Healthy Housing’s State Healthy Housing Fact Sheet: EPA Region 1

“In 2015, the combined regional total of blood lead level tests over 5 µg/dL, the CDC action level, was 9,148. Forty percent (40%) of New Hampshire children are estimated to have had elevated blood lead levels at some point in their lives.” – from NCHH’s Region 1 Fact Sheet Share this post on Facebook by […]

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Rubin Boys 2018

Tamara, what exactly are you trying to do here?

From Leonard Rubin, Tamara’s (Lead Safe Mama’s) Husband. Dear Commentor(s), It’s quite frustrating that the following point evidently needs to be reiterated so frequently (at least every month or so for the last several years running!), but this seems to be unavoidable: To those of you who challenge/question/discount/disbelieve the value of Tamara’s diligent work testing […]

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Len Rubin, 1973

2018; “It’s got to get better in a little while”

A New Year’s reflection on surviving the nightmare (2017) with our dreams (for 2018 and beyond) intact by listening to “God” By Leonard Rubin – “It’s got to get better in a little while” – Like many musicians who grew up in the rockin’, psychedelic late ’60’s – early ’70’s (I was born in 1958), I tend […]

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New feature: “Contractor’s Corner” guest posts

November 14, 2017 We’re starting a new thing …  a “Contractor’s Corner” – a forum for the genuinely committed professionals and pioneers in the construction, renovation, rehab and remediation trades to discuss the evolving art and science of effective lead-hazard remediation / lead poisoning prevention measures. This “Contractor’s Corner” is a place for EPA RRP […]

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