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#Leaded: Vintage Faux Pearls

Grandma’s vintage faux pearls (that feel real!) 295,900 +/- 34,000 ppm lead. Tested with an XRF instrument. (These types of faux pearls also usually test positive when tested with a reactive agent test – like a LeadCheck swab.) [Here’s my Amazon affiliate link for LeadCheck swabs too!] Here are more posts with vintage faux pearls […]

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#LeadedJewelry: Vintage Faux Pearls

37,287 ppm Arsenic. 307 ppm Cadmium. Greater than 10% (>100,000) ppm lead. Tested with an XRF. Items intended for children are required by current legislation to be under 90 ppm lead. Jewelry intended for adults is not regulated for total lead content – especially antique / vintage jewelry (which may be deteriorating/ chalking into the […]

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