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Lenox Dimension Collection Eternal Pattern, Newer

Newer Lenox china. Same pattern as one from earlier post, but this piece is made in last 10 years or so (c. 2006) and has the words “dishwasher safe” on the bottom with the logo. This was positive for just 70 ppm lead when tested with an XRF. This is considered safe by all standards (European […]

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#Leaded: Lenox Dimension Collection Eternal China

Link to this post on Facebook so you can share it! Lenox Dimension Collection Eternal China Plate. The glaze tested positive with an XRF for 349,000 ppm lead. That’s 34.9% lead. Made in USA. I was told this was approximately 20+ years old when tested in 2014, so this is from c. 1994. This pattern is […]

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