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Testing water For Lead

#AskTamara: How can I test my water for lead?

#AskTamara Question: How can I test my water for Lead? Answer: There are multiple ways… There are a few different ways you can get your water tested for Lead (Pb). [Please read the caveats below the list after you read the list!] Call your local Health Department (city, state or county). In the wake of […]

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What do you use to test for lead in consumer goods

#AskTamara: What do you use to test for lead?

#AskTamara Question:  Tamara, what testing methods do you use to test consumer goods for lead? Answer: There are many different types of lead testing that can be done and different instrumentation is used for each type of testing. In this post I discuss: Qualitative (yes/no results) reactive agent lead testing (LeadCheck® swabs) Quantitative testing using […]

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