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Emile Henry Mixing Bowl, c. 2014: 1,647 ppm Lead

“Emile Henry” brand mixing bowl with yellow exterior glaze and white interior glaze, c. 2014: Highest reading: 1,647 ppm Lead. Purchased New (c. 2014) at Williams Sonoma. Note: Many Emile Henry products are sold and marketed as “Lead-free” XRF TEST RESULTS: 1) white interior glaze: 1,647 ppm lead 2) unglazed (bottom of bowl): 80 ppm […]

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#LeadedKitchen: Vintage 1970s Salt Pottery Mixing Bowl

Vintage salt pottery (c. 1970s) mixing bowl: 6,059 ppm lead. A mama asked me to test this because she had made a batch of Kombucha in it and the Kombucha was making her feel sick/ light headed/ dizzy. Tested with an XRF —- #XRFTesting #LeadedDishes • #LeadSafeDishes For LEAD FREE mixing bowl choices, click HERE. […]

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Le Creuset Red & Creme Colored Ceramic Mixing Bowl: 40,700 ppm Lead. [For context, 90 ppm is unsafe for children’s items.]

Le Creuset brand red and cream colored ceramic mixing bowl. Newer model (c. 2014 or earlier). Exact year of manufacture unknown. When tested with with an XRF instrument the bowl pictured here had the following readings. Outside Reading (Red Glaze): 40,700 ppm Lead Inside Reading (Cream Glaze): 117 ppm Lead For LEAD FREE mixing bowl choices, […]

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