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2018 Off Brand Black Faux Leather Baby Shoe Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

Off-Brand Faux Leather Black Button Up Baby Shoes: 3,883 ppm Lead + 51 ppm Arsenic! [90 ppm Lead is unsafe for kids]

These shoes are unbranded with no information about the make or marker. When tested with an XRF instrument the small buttons (picture below) on these shoes had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 3,883 +/- 77 ppm Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect/Negative Arsenic (As): Non-Detect/Negative Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect/Negative Antimony (Sb): Non-Detect/Negative Barium (Ba): 274 +/- 133 ppm Nickel (Ni): 15 +/- 9 ppm […]

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Phish Button Front Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

#LeadPhree: Phish Commemorative/Collectible Button / Stash Tin Top?, Est. 1983

When this button/commemorative Phish pin (no backing) was tested with an XRF instrument it was negative for lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. For those curious about what kind of metals are in something like this, here’s the full XRF summary for this item. I have never tested a modern pin/button like this that was positive […]

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