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2-Cup 2018 Clear Glass Ball Jar Lead Safe Mama 6

XRF Test Results For 2018 Ball Pint Mason Jar, Regular Mouth, 16 oz With Lids

2018 Ball Pint Mason Jar, Regular Mouth, 16 oz With Lids This item consists of three “components” with five distinct areas requiring testing: The clear glass of the jar. The metal of the band. The white colored inside food surface of the lid. The orange colored band / inside food surface of the lid. The exterior surface […]

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Purple Ball Jars Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin

#LeadSafe: 2018 Purple Ball Jars

When these new purple ball jars were tested with an XRF instrument they tested positive for a very low level of lead (just a trace and within the realm of what might be considered safe for a modern item intended for children). That said, I LOVE purple, but I prefer not to have anything leaded […]

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#LeadFree: 6 oz clear glass Ball brand mason jar

Small 6oz Ball brand clear glass canning jar, lid and band.  Newly purchased in 2017. Tested with an XRF instrument.  “Non-Detect” (negative) for lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), arsenic (As) and cadmium (Cd.) We use Ball brand canning jars (of all sizes) every day in our home. While the lids are free of the toxicants listed […]

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Ball Brand Baby Food Jar with Plastic Lid

Small Ball Jar with plastic lid #LeadFree Tested “non-detect” for lead using an XRF instrument Amazon Affiliate Link: All components tested. – Please consider supporting my independent consumer goods advocacy work at: Http://

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Newer Blue Ball Jar

Newer Blue Glass Ball Jar: 61 ppm lead (+/- 16 ppm). Considered safe by all standards. Tamara’s Grade: “C” C = I would not want to use it in my home, I would not want to eat food that you canned in it in your home.  If you offered me something to drink in this […]

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Older/Antique/Vintage “Ball” brand canning jar

Re-posting from 2014. Older/Antique/Vintage “Ball” brand canning jar. Blue Glass: safe (tested negative/ non-detect for lead). Lid: 861 ppm lead & 1,537 cadmium . Tested with an XRF. from Please consider contributing in support of my childhood lead poisoning prevention advocacy work here or here. Thank you!

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