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Avi's Mothers' Day Letter 2017

Mother’s Day 2017, Note From Avi – Age 12-1/2

5/13/2017 This is Avi’s “Mother’s Day” note for me today! He wrote it in his yoga class yesterday morning! For those of you without a very young child [or a brain-injured 12-year-old] in your life, an English “translation” follows. I share this with you for 1,000,001 reasons, but mostly to show you where he is with writing, […]

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Avi’s Tenth Birthday (originally posted in 2015)

January 29, 2015 … David “Avi” Benjamin Rubin is ten years old today.These have been the most challenging ten years of my life. …. In August 2005 Avi was just seven-months old when he was poisoned by the work of painting contractor who did not use lead-safe work practices in preparing the exterior of our […]

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