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Dowan Bone China White Ceramic Bowl Lead Safe Mama 1

White Ceramic Bone China Fine Porcelain Dowan Bowl: 35 ppm Lead + 17 ppm Cadmium (safe by all standards).

This product is marketed online and sold as “Lead Free” on Amazon (below is a screenshot from the Amazon listing for this product taken on 3/25/2019 – 7:50 p.m.): When tested with an XRF instrument this white ceramic bowl had the following readings (with a one-minute test in consumer goods mode): Inside food surface of […]

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2018 Vita Clay Chef Cooker Lead Safe Mama 2

Another “Lead-free” product positive for Lead. VitaClay Chef Slow Cooker: 70,400 ppm Lead. Click & read for more info.

Here we have another product that is clearly marketed and sold – and explicitly labeled – as “Lead-free” — yet which, when tested with an XRF instrument, has three separate components that each tested positive for Lead in varying amounts (and, in fact, one of the components was positive for a extremely high level of Lead)! […]

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Another Corkcicle, advertised as “Lead Free” but 597,000 ppm Lead in the exposed sealing dot on the bottom.

This is an uncoated Stainless Steel Corkcicle brand water bottle. This product is advertised as lead-free. (See related post here.) The bottle is primarily made of stainless steel. All components that touch the contents are lead free. The center sealing dot (on the bottom of the outside of the bottle), the element that seals it […]

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