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c. 2010 KitchenAid Yellow Rubber Spatula Lead Safe Mama 1

What were you thinking, Kitchenaid?! (c. 2010) Yellow Silicone Spatula: 970 +/- 29 ppm Lead! [90 is unsafe in kids’ items.]

Here’s the story behind this particular spatula (which is now in my “Museum of Lead” collection!): Sometime over the last couple of years I visited my friend “K,” and tested her family’s everyday household things for Lead and other toxicants (that’s a big part of what I do to help families who have concerns about […]

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2008 Pink Crystal Disney Minnie Mouse Bracelet Lead Safe Mama 2

Pink Crystals In Minnie Mouse Bracelet Purchased in 2010 at Disneyland: 252,200 ppm Lead (That’s 25% Lead!)

The amount of Lead that is considered unsafe by modern standards (and illegal) in items manufactured and sold expressly for use by children is 90 ppm Lead or higher in the surface paint or coating, and 100 ppm Lead (or higher) in the substrate (as detectable with an XRF instrument.) A lot of costume jewelry might […]

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#LeadFree: Pinkie Pie My Little Pony, 2010 – Made in China

Pinkie Pie “My Little Pony” figurine, dated 2010 & marked “Made in China” & “Hasbro.”  Lead-free (non-detect [ND] for lead). Also ND for cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As) and mercury (Hg). Tested with an XRF instrument. Thanks to Diana Carlton for donating (again!) and supporting my advocacy! Each donation helps make a new post possible! Here’s a “My […]

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