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1989 Superman DC Comics Figurine Lead Safe Mama 5

1989 DC Comics Superman Figurine: Lead-Free, Cadmium-Free, Arsenic-Free!!! :-)

Given the amount of wear on this Superman figurine (along with the year made – 1989, and the fact that it was made in China) it makes sense that the owner was concerned that it may test positive for Lead. However a pleasant surprise … this little guy was negative for Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and […]

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Pastel Bouquet Corningware Casserole Dish Lead Safe Mama 2

Corningware (c. 1985-1990) Pastel Bouquet Pattern Oven Casserole: 20,400 ppm Lead + 205 ppm Cadmium

As expected, the exterior decorative painted flowers on this vintage Pastel Bouquet pattern Corningware casserole was positive for high levels of Lead when tested with an XRF instrument. Here’s a link to a post on a blog that helps to date many of the Corningware patterns. To learn more about XRF testing, click here. To […]

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