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1976 Campbells Soup Salutes America Ceramic Mug Lead Safe Mama 3

Campbell’s Soups Salute America 1976 Ceramic Mug: 65,300 ppm Lead + 882 ppm Cadmium [mm ‘Lead is good food!’ NOT]

When tested with an XRF instrument the vintage ceramic mug pictured here (Campbell’s Soups Salute America”  – Made in Brazil) tested positive for the following metals when tested with an XRF instrument: White undecorated elements of mug (including inside of mug): Lead (Pb): 21,600 +/- 700 ppm Zinc (Zn): 11, 100 +/- 400 ppm Copper […]

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Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead… TEXTBOOK RESPONSE FROM CORNINGWARE TODAY

In response to my original post referenced in the title above [Link HERE] today, Corningware shared the following response (when Sabrina – a friend of a friend on Facebook – shared the post and tagged them): “We appreciate you [sic] concern for our products, Sabrina! We can assure you that older Corningware items would have met […]

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Spice-O-Life Corningware Casserole Lead Safe Mama 2

Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead + 236 ppm Cadmium

Since this post is going viral (December 2018), I thought I would update it with a little introduction for those who are new to my website. I am a mother of Lead poisoned children. My children were poisoned in 2005 by the work of a painting contractor, you can see more about my story in […]

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Vintage Pyrex Homestead Pattern Casserole Lead Safe Mama 1

Vintage (1976-1980) Pyrex Homestead Casserole: 209,900 ppm Lead + 9,009 ppm Cadmium + 9,252 ppm Arsenic

  Vintage Pyrex Homestead (1976-1980) Design Milk Glass Casserole Dish.   Here’s a link to the Pyrex website I used to figure out the pattern names!   When tested with an XRF instrument this casserole dish had the following readings:   With scope focused on area with blue flowers over tan speckled background: (minimum 60-second […]

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Liberty Blue Old North Church Made In England Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#Leaded: Liberty Blue Saucer – Old North Church, Boston. Made In England.

So many families have these dishes! They are truly works of art, and a piece of history (even though they were mass-manufactured only about 40 years ago.) My understanding, from doing a little online research, is that this line with the “Historical Colonial Scenes” was manufactured in 1976 for the United States’ Bicentennial. They were used […]

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Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 21,800 ppm Lead

This vintage Corningware Spice-o-Life casserole dish tested positive for lead when tested with an XRF instrument at 21,800 ppm Lead in the decoration on the outside of the dish.   On the plain white inside it was negative for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic. Tested in 2014. Here’s a link to a post on a […]

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Vintage 1970s Fisher Price School Bus Toy: 90 ppm Lead

Vintage 1975-1978 Fisher Price Bus, mostly lead-free! Bus eyeballs: 35 ppm lead, red wheels, 90 ppm lead (hazard level is 90+ ppm) I would call this one “safe”! With these vintage Fisher Price toys this is the exception when it comes to lead (most have at least one component that is high in lead!) To […]

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