#LeadSafeMama: “Things” I need / ways you can help – April 2019.

Things I need/could really use (#1 through #5 are on the graphic below) — and some outcomes (networking/connections) I could use help with as well 😉

“Things” I need…continued:

#6. A lawyer to help me sue the state pursuant to the tort claim notice (I believe our deadline to file is May 10, 2019!)
#7. A lawyer to help me find a federal angle in my case so Senator Merkley’s office can possibly get involved in helping me to seek justice for what has been done to me and my advocacy work and my family over the past three years.
#8. I’d love to have someone help me plan my 50th birthday party for November! I have ideas, but absolutely no time to implement anything! [I want to have a huge party and invite everyone I know — but do it funky hippie style – so super-low-cost / informal / potluck, etc.] I don’t want everything we have been through to stop our celebration of milestones in any way… and reaching 50 years old is one I just will not let go by un-noted (we have let so many holidays and celebrations go by because of poverty in recent years…)
#9. (Joking/not joking): A couple of months in a health spa retreat to help me lose the 50 lbs that I have gained since all of this started (so I don’t have a heart attack and die)! 😉
Thank you for reading and for supporting my work over the years. Knowing you are out there, and that I am not doing this work in a vacuum, truly makes a difference.
Tamara Rubin
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