LeadSafeMama.com broke two more records today! 2,000,000 all-time views + 300,000 views in one month!

Thank you for being here and thank you for reading my posts!

My husband has expressed the concern that I am posting too many posts with milestones and statistics — but it’s hard not to, when my blog readership and site visits and shares keep breaking records! I truly want you all to know the difference you are making and what you are helping to create by sharing my posts. 

I can’t imagine that we will break any more records anytime soon (it seems so incredible that the view stats here on my site continue growing geometrically!) At this rate March might likely end with as many as 600,000 unique views (who knows!)… so perhaps I will post one more time this month if we pass the “half-a-million-views-in-one-month” mark… but I’m not holding my breath on that one!

Thanks again to each of you, for everything. I truly cannot tell you how much I appreciate that you are here and that this work is not “landing on deaf ears” (metaphorically, of course — as I know I have at least a handful of very passionate and well informed deaf readers!) [Which is actually why I really need to start adding *captioning* to all of my videos if anyone wants to help with that!]

Tamara Rubin

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