Another Record: My site received over 100,000 unique views already this month!

In terms of site statistics, November 2018 has been unexpectedly fabulous. I know if I don’t share these milestones with you they will simply pass by, unnoticed… so here they are!

  1. Best Day Ever: On my 49th birthday, 11/20/18 I hit a new record of most views ever in one day – closing out the day with 11,067 views.
  2. Broke 100,000: Three days later, on 11/23/18 – shortly after noon – my site hit 100,000 unique views in a single month for the first time ever (compared with my previous best of 71,904 views in June of 2017 and compared with 70,510 views in November 2017 and 1,772 views in November 2016!)
  3. 110,000!!!: As of this moment (11/25 – Sunday afternoon) we passed over 110,000 unique views for the month!
  4. 132,000!!!: If things keep going at this rate we will close out the month with more than 132,000 unique views.
  5. 1,606,000???: If things keep going at this rate into the next year…. using a little predictive math we might be able anticipate more than 1,606,000 unique views in 2019 alone. [Of course things are always slower after the holidays and in the summer, but it is nice to dream, so I will settle for 1.5 Million views next year].

It will be fun to look back on this post a year from now and see where things are!

Pretty awesome for a little website about Lead-poisoning prevention and Lead in consumer goods (if I do say so myself!)…  It looks like this work is really starting to shift the narrative and increase awareness to a new level!

Thank you for supporting my advocacy and sharing the posts on this website and on my Facebook pages. I couldn’t wish for a better birthday month and holiday season overall!

Tamara Rubin

Check out the two graphs below!

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