I am SO TIRED of companies who label their product “Lead Free” when it is not!

Corkcicle, prominently labeled, “LEAD FREE” on the packaging…however, the center sealing dot on the bottom (on the outside of the bottle — see second photo) tested positive with an XRF at 181,400 ppm lead [+/- 2,100 ppm](!)

It’s actually probably much higher than that (close to solid lead solder), but the dot is smaller than the radius of the “sampling zone” at the tip of the XRF, so the reading takes in to account some of the materials of the stainless steel bottle as well as the thin film of paint on the outside (which dilutes the lead level reading in this case.)

While the lead from this product does not touch the contents of this product, it is decidedly NOT a “lead-free” product (as the company’s advertising claims it to be). If the paint wears off in this case (or if the lead on the bottom is exposed and not painted over as it is on many of their raw stainless uncoated products) neurotoxic lead WILL transfer onto your hand if you touch it.

OTHER COMPANIES have come up with a good solution to this problem:

I brought this issue to Hydroflask’s attention (I think it was back in 2014); initially they came up with a solution that they called a “glass fret” and melted the glass into the sealing hole, and they told me these new bottles were lead-free. I later tested some with the new sealing technology (in 2016), and they were still positive for lead (although at much lower levels than initially were found on the leaded sealing dot). Then in 2017 I finally tested a lot of their bottles again and the new ones were all negative (entirely negative) for lead. Hydroflask is a terrific company — even though having a leaded sealing dot is not illegal in any way, they kept trying for a lead-free product until they got it right! There’s no excuse for lead to be in any of our products for food and beverage – EVER – in 2018, regardless of whether or not the leaded component touches the food.

I have consistently found high lead in the sealing dots on insulated Corkcicle water bottles.

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