#LeadFree: New (2014) Duralex Marine Blue Tumbler

These Duralex Picardie blue (“Marine”) tumblers were new (shipped to me for testing directly by the manufacturer) in 2014.  They tested negative for lead, mercury and arsenic when tested with an XRF instrument. I love responsible companies who ship me stuff for testing directly!

Here is my Amazon affiliate link* to these exact glasses!


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Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Trained and Certified in using an XRF instrument.
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2 Responses to #LeadFree: New (2014) Duralex Marine Blue Tumbler

  1. Leslie Estes June 4, 2018 at 5:47 pm #

    Can you please ask the company to send you samples of their other glassware to test? I’d like love to replace my existing sets with something I know has been tested. I, like many folks, use multiple size glass tumblers (8, 12, 16 and larger).

    I realize there is a likelihood that if one size tests free of metals then the others might also – but many of us no longer trust manufacturers since they can still outsource some of their products to China, and there has been so much dishonesty regarding lead-free claims which often really only amount to “FDA compliant” which is not the same, and more and more of us refuse to accept this as “safe” for our families.

    Also, wondering if you are able to test for aluminum? I’ve read that some glass (like
    borosilicate) can be made with this. It would be nice to know how much, if any, is actually present in a particular brand. (Note sure if your Also, what are your thoughts about boric oxide, used in borosilicate?

    Thanks so much for your work. You’re authentic and the real deal… Not like many other other sites… Ok, I’m going to say it (meant only as warning to her followers) such as Debra Lynn Dodd who callously gives a pass to anything she wants to hawk on her site. EG she states “even if there were any heavy metal impurities in the raw materials, they would not be present in the finished glass product.” She believes all glass, enameled and stainless steel and clay cookware is safe because they tell her it is. Anyway, just a cautionary warning that we have to question everyone (and their motives).

    It’s rare to find a blogger like Tamara so committed to the cause. Thank you. I’m visiting your monthly contribution page and encourage everyone to help out if they are able. 1000 people donating just $5/month would get you your much needed XRF reader in no time!

    • Tamara June 4, 2018 at 8:28 pm #

      Thank you so much for your kinds words! and WOW (about DLD). There are a few others like that too and it is very disappointing to me (Wellness Mama is one who speaks about lead but doesn’t really understand what she’s talking about – specifically in relation to bentonite clay and Xtrema Cookware.) I can contact Duralex again and see if they would send me more product and then I can use that as prizes in my Facebook giveaways if they are lead free (which is what I did last time)… keep an eye out for that. We’ll see what they say. It’s hard being “the real deal”, it’s not exactly paying the bills – but I really can’t get behind recommending products that I know test positive even for a trace of heavy metals (in accessible surface coatings or accessible substrates especially.)

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