#LeadSafe: Crock Pot Brand Black Ceramic Oval Crock Pot Liner

This Crock-Pot brand stoneware / black glazed ceramic liner was positive for lead at 42 parts per million (ppm). [Tested in July of 2014, exact year of manufacture unknown.].

This is a level that is considered safe by all standards (United States and European.) It has also likely been leach-tested.  That said I would personally not be comfortable cooking food for hours upon hours in a vessel that is positive for any amount of lead, especially when there are lead-free options out there.

If you have to use a crock pot or slow cooker I recommend this one (link), because it has a stainless steel liner (even though the cooking element is not 100% lead-free, at least the vessel that contains the food is.)

Here are more crock pots/ slow cookers I have tested.

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