Necklaces, Necklaces, Necklaces (1 in 3)

Originally Posted May 15, 2017

Hello friends!

Thank you so much to those of you who already bought a “1 in 3” lead poisoning prevention advocacy necklace!

Here’s my original post about the necklaces from 2012 if you have not read it yet.

[Don’t know what “1 in 3” stands for? Click here!]

I wanted to keep track of supplies bought, necklaces sold and how much has been “raised” to date to help cover the costs of this little independent outreach/ advocacy project.

My 14 year old son (AJ) is doing the stamping and assembly of the necklaces!

AJ was lead poisoned when he was about three years old and loves working in my husband’s workshop, making things and building things!  He especially loves working with metal and is saving up to buy an anvil and build a forge! [I’ve decided I’m going to give all the proceeds from the sale of the necklaces (after we cover costs) to AJ towards his anvil / forge project!… or he can use the $ to help with his college costs and to cover his trumpet lessons*!]

He is now in college at Portland State University (high school was not a good fit because of various issues directly related to his early childhood lead exposure) and he is getting straight A’s. Read more about A.J. here!

So far this little necklace project has not quite paid for itself, and we just need to sell a couple  more necklaces to make that happen!

You can help by buying a necklace as a gift that I will send to another mother of a lead poisoned child, or you can get one for yourself! Just let me know what you would like me to do with your necklace if you buy one. I have at least 6 low-income mamas of lead poisoned children who have told me they would like their own “1 in 3” sterling necklace, but cannot afford to chip in for this project!

So far 10 necklaces have been sent to:
Mama Leslie & K. in Iowa
Mama Leise in California
Mama Lisa & son in Missouri
Mama Haven & daughter in Wisconsin

Mama Ramona in Wisconsin
Mama Aubrianne and daughter in Montana

Here’s the link to buy a necklace via PayPal.
Thank you!

Posted 5/15/17, Updated 5/20/17

Spent To Date:

Necklace Supplies – 5/9:   $155.13
Necklace Supplies – 5/15: $121.27
PayPal Fees: (need to calculate)

Total Spent: $276.42

Income To Date / Necklaces Sold:

6 (ebay) – 5/12:  $196.00
1 (eBay) – 5/20: $28

Shortfall: $52.42

*AJ is currently working to earn $420 to help cover his private trumpet lessons (with his college band professor) this semester!

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