Fun with #SiteStats… Do I have an international reach? Why yes!

Today I answered a questionnaire that was sent to lead poisoning prevention advocates around the country.  It wanted to know if I had a local, national or international reach.  I checked “International” without really thinking about it… because off the top of my head I know I am working with/ helping families and other parent advocates in England, Canada, Australia and Mexico (at least.)

Later today I decided to pull up the site stats that show the reach for each of my recent newsletters.  My current personal mailing list is small (still under 1,900 people) so it’s not a ton of people in these other countries… but it is a lot of fun to see the diversity of my reach from month to month (and also to see how, apparently – I am consistently reaching Canada and France every week, and Mexico almost every week!).

These are also just my mailing list (MailChimp) reach… not including my blog reach, Twitter reach or Facebook reach!  I’ll check those out too and report back for fun!

Lead poisoning prevention advocates and concerned parents are “Representing” here in:

  • #USA
  • #France
  • #Canada
  • #Mexico
  • #Bahamas
  • #India
  • #Italy
  • #Argentina
  • #Australia
  • #Romania
  • #Jamaica
  • #DominicanRepublic
  • #Sweden
  • #Brazil
  • #Israel

(…and that’s just in the past three months!)
Where are you from?  Please comment below on this blog post!  I would love to know! Thank you!

TOGETHER we CAN make a difference! Especially when the message is reaching this far and wide!

February 4th:

February 6th:

February 13th:

February 26th:

March 5th:

March 15th:

March 18th:

April 2nd:

April 3rd:

April 20th:

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