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A Whole Lotta Lead In Fidget Spinners! Episode 2 (Video)

Please watch this video… I took apart a fidget spinner (one with L.E.D. flashing lights) and tested all the pieces in a couple of different ways… and found both high levels of lead and high levels of mercury! The lead level was as much as 19,000+ ppm lead, and the mercury level in the base […]

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Ask Tamara: Can I test my dishes for lead with a LeadCheck swab?

Ask Tamara: Q. Hi! Thank you for all you do!! Are the LeadCheck® test swabs from Home Depot sufficient enough to test my dishware? Also, even though Fiestaware says “lead free: it could still have cadmium in it, correct? Thank you and I follow all your work! A.  The short of it is that the LeadCheck® […]

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Ask Tamara: What do you use to test for lead?

Ask Tamara Question:  Tamara, what testing methods do you use to test consumer goods for lead? Answer: I use two important tools to test consumer goods for lead; LeadCheck swabs and a Niton XRF instrument. LeadCheck Swabs 3M LeadCheck swabs are a consumer level test that will (on many types of materials, but not all) […]

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