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Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Glass Baby Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle #LeadFree All components tested Amazon Affiliate Link for this product: Tested “non-detect” for lead using an XRF instrument Cadmium Readings Glass Bottle: 9+/-5 ppm Nipple: 14 +/- 5 ppm All other components were ND for Cadmium Read my “Cadmium Concerns” post here. – Please consider supporting my independent consumer goods […]

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Pura Kiki Follow Up #SurprisedNotSurprised

Photos shared with permission. Sunday, May 13, 2017 – Mothers’ Day I’ve known about this for a couple of weeks now and was waiting to write about it because I wanted to make sure to do the issues justice and answer your questions before they are asked. The featured image here is from a post […]

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#LeadFree: LifeFactory Baby Bottle

#LeadFree: LifeFactory Baby Bottle. All factory parts also negative for Cd, As, & Hg. All of the colors and all of the sizes of these bottles that I have tested have been the same (Pb, Cd, As & Hg free in all factory parts.). I do not know the vendor of the nipple on this […]

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#XRFTesting: Avent Glass Baby Bottle

Avent Glass Baby Bottle by Phillips: All Components were Non-Detect (ND)  for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic!!! Exact items tested are in photo below. This product is evidence of the fact that a company can use lead-free paint for the exterior measurement markings along the side of a glass baby bottle! Click here to see this exact item […]

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#SaferChoices: Water Bottles, Baby Bottles & Sippy Cups

Of the many popular brands of the water bottles, sippy cups and baby bottles that I have tested, a surprising number of brands have had at least one product that has tested positive for (unsafe levels of) lead. I have found lead in the decorative paint and painted measuring markings on both metal and glass […]

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