I started my undergraduate studies at New York University in 1987. I was in the Drama program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts  – and was in conservatory at the Circle In The Square Studio  – towards my bachelor of fine arts in stage acting. 1987. I remember thinking at the time that “Wow, […]

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Tamara with Robert Reich in Berkeley, CA 12/10/2013

“Traipsing” Around the Country…

Tamara, WHY are you constantly “traipsing” all over the country meeting experts, business leaders, celebrities, journalists, filmmakers and other public figures? The answer is simple: one of these new friends is going to help make the difference—I just don’t know who. In a way, the “tapestry” of life is made up of the individual “strands” […]

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Lead in Chocolate? Really?

My favorite scene in MisLEAD talks about lead in chocolate and wine: “The really bad news is, chocolate is the food item with the most lead in it.” says Ronnie Levin (research scientist and Harvard professor) in MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic The intention behind the scene is not to demonize chocolate or wine; in the […]

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Our Film – On Kickstarter!

We launched our latest (and final) Kickstarter project for my documentary film about a week ago.  Please check it out and consider making a pledge.  Pledges are made with a credit card via your Amazon account.  You don’t actually get charged on your card unless (and until) we fund  – which would be December 31st […]

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Avi Says

#AskTamara: Lead Poisoning Is A *New* Epidemic? Really?

#AskTamara Originally posted: November 15, 2013 On our Facebook page today – a follower (Lori Campbell) read the tag-line for our Kickstarter campaign for the film: “Why are “ADD”, “ADHD” & “Autism” approaching epidemic levels in the U.S.? Find out @MisLEADMovie 1 in 3 U.S. kids has been poisoned.” Lori then posed this question: “So, […]

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A School For Avi

I thought I finally found a school for Avi—really I did. While we are technically “Home Schooling” him, it is among the most difficult things I have ever done (mostly because of the “negotiations” with him that are increasingly required to get him into the frame of mind in which he is ready to learn […]

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The Phone Will Not Ring

The phone will not ring today. I know this for certain. It’s oddly comforting. Or maybe not so odd!  Just welcome. Peace and quiet. Space to work.   Tamara Rubin November 8, 2013 P.S. if you were trying to reach me, please use email or facebook!

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The Cost of Advocacy

Those of you who know me know that I founded the Lead Safe America Foundation with a 3-part mission: Emergency intervention and support to families whose children have been poisoned, Outreach and Education for the Primary Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning, and Parent Advocate Support. Parent Advocate Support is possibly the most important of the […]

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