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Vintage 1970s Fisher Price School Bus Toy: 90 ppm Lead

Vintage 1975-1978 Fisher Price Bus, mostly lead-free! Bus eyeballs: 35 ppm lead, red wheels, 90 ppm lead (hazard level is 90+ ppm) I would call this one “safe”! With these vintage Fisher Price toys this is the exception when it comes to lead (most have at least one component that is high in lead!) To […]

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Vintage 1970s Era Cereal Bowl: 134,100 ppm Lead

Please click the link for help making safer choices for your family. Vintage (1970s?) cereal bowl: 134,100 ppm lead (yikes!) when tested with an XRF instrument. For context: when testing is done with an XRF instrument, the amount of lead that is considered toxic in a newly manufactured item made today and intended for use […]

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