My sons, AJ (age16) & Avi (age 13) performing Tom Lehrer’s The Elements Song

Originally posted July 28, 2018. [Watch the fun 90-second video below!] – My kiddo is 16 today! He’s headed 3,000 miles away to Tufts on Tuesday for an internship with Tufts Biomedical Engineering Silk Lab (where they are pioneering medical and other breakthroughs applications using the building blocks of natural silk proteins!) The director of […]

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Ceramcor Xtrema Ceramic Lead Free Leaded Saucepan Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 6

July 2018 Ceramcor Xtrema Saucepan Update

August 2018 – Yet another Ceramcor Xtrema “Lead-Free” Pan, positive for lead. Purchased direct from the company, c. November of 2016. These pans are advertised and promoted as being metals-free, and specifically as being lead-free — yet when they are tested with an XRF instrument the coatings have consistently tested positive for lead, as well as several […]

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Lead Safe Mama Financial Update July 2018

#LeadSafeMama Financial Update, July 2018

Since you all are directly responsible for helping me earn $ to cover the costs of my advocacy work (and hopefully eventually this will turn into enough to make a living so I can actually AFFORD to continue do this full time!) I wanted to share with you periodic updates on what you are helping […]

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Miracle Rice Cooker And Steamer Lead Safe Mama Tamara Rubin 1

#Leaded: Miracle Rice Cooker c. 2009, Made In China

This Miracle Rice Cooker, purchased new c. 2009 (sorry —  I don’t have an exact year) used to be our personal rice cooker. We chose it because at the time, it was the only model on the market that featured a “benign” stainless steel pot (vs. aluminum — usually with some sort of nasty/toxic “non-stick coating”); it was […]

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Does Your Instant Pot Have Lead Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Does Your Instant Pot Have Lead? XRF Test Results For A 6-Quart Instant Pot Purchased In July 2018 from Amazon.

#AskTamara: Does your Instant Pot have lead? More important: When you unpacked your Instant Pot, did you read each and every warning label and wonder why it was there? The short answer to the first question is (unfortunately): “Yes! The 2018 Instant Pot has at least two components that test positive for lead when tested […]

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