#LeadSafeMama is headed to New England! 9/22-9/29


Hello Friends!

The State of New Hampshire has asked me to come to town for some collaborative lead poisoning prevention presentations at the end of this month and I have decided to take this opportunity to open up my schedule a bit for others in the area (MA?, NH?, RI?, CT?) who may be interested in hosting a #TestingParty or in having me come to their home for a #HealthyHome Consultation!

It is through the #LeadSafeMama testing parties over the past two years that together we have found lead in four brands of newly made baby bottles and lead in fidget spinners… (among other things.) Who knows what we will find next! #CitizenActivismAtItsBest!

9/24 update: As of today, I am available for east coast events and home visits between 9/24 and 9/28 [if you’d like to connect with me in person during this time, I’d love to see you – but please do be in touch ASAP, to ensure that the day & time that works best for you is actually still available]. Best way to contact me today is to start with a text! 415-609-3182.

I look forward to seeing you soon, New England!

Tamara Rubin


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